Anatomic Leather Halter_Finesse

Anatomic Leather Halter_Finesse

Anatomic Leather Halter_Finesse

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The Finesse Leather halter is ideal for when you are bringing your horse to a show, offering that touch of extra elegance. This halter is made from vegetable tanned leather. Leather is strong from a cow/ beef not a calf.

There is buckles on both sides to make the weight equal in both sides. The buckles are available in both gold and silver, and the leather comes in either brown or black.

The headpiece is with a little space for the ears without the poll is coming over any joints. We can’t call it anatomic correct as it would need a scientific proof of that, but we can call it anatomic shaped after best attention for the horses.

You are able to get a name imprinted in the leather. See pictures on Instagram for inspiration ;o)

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  • Anatomic Leather Halter_Finesse
  • Anatomic Leather Halter_Finesse
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