Bristol Bridle

Bristol Bridle

Bristol Bridle

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The Bristol bridle has a uniquely shaped and generously padded noseband, that is adjustable. The noseband is dropped and uniquely shaped for optimal comfort and pressure relief on the teeth and the nasal bone. 

In addition the weight of the bridle is taken comfortably on a wide and padded headpiece that is anatomically shaped for optimal pressure relief. 

This exclusive bridle is handmade of the finest Italian Leather. 


  • Complete adjustable

  • Well padded with soft calf skin

  • Mat leather on noseband

  • Handmade in the finest Italian Leathers

  • Size cob or full 

  • Two colours: Black or dark brown

  • Metal hardware: Gold or silver

  • Comes without reins

  • Five-year international guarantee

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